Self Defense Competition Rules:

- Team Competition - 3 Athletes

Presentation of 6 Self Defense Techniques:

1- Defense against attack of arms or legs

2- Defense against grab or strangles front or back

3- Defense against attack of 2 opponents

4- Technique in Ground disadvantage

5- Defense against weapon (knife, stick, pistol or other weapon)

6- Free technique

- The techniques are executed only at real speed.

- They are performed separately in the order described above.

- Salute athletes at the end of each technique.

Limit time:

The team has 4 minutes as a time limit to perform the 6 techniques. At the end of the 4 minutes the referee´s give the Stop voice to stop the perform.

Categories of participation in the event:

- Rank Categories:

A - Color Belts

B- Black Belts

C- Masters - more than 4 th dan

- For Ages:

1 - <9 years old

2- 10 - 12 years old

3- 13 - 14 years old

4- 15 - 17 years old

5-> 18 years old

6-> 45 years old

This division by grade or age categories is always defined taking into account the most graduate element or the oldest athlete of the team.

- Competition and Score:

Punctuation: Score awarded by 3 juries, where each one can give a maximum of 10 points.- The Referee chairman gives the order of scoring and all 3 juries raise the scoring boards at the same time. The Referee chairman give the order to lower the score and the score is registered by the jury to which this function.

Tie in the Competition:- If there is a tie in the score between two or more teams and that tie decides the rankings in the first 3 places, the Teams in question go between them to make a new competition, execution of 2 more Free techniques. At the end of the 2 techniques executed by the 2 teams, the referees vote again.

The referees to decide the winner will be able to do it by voting, raising the arm in the direction of the Team who they think has the highest score.

Grand Champion:

The Grand Champion is held between all 1st places of all grade and age categories.